A New Day is a stunning pano format image that can be added to a space to create a sense of energy

Selecting The Correct Format For A Photography Print

Choosing the correct piece of art for your home can be a challenging decision. There is a lot of thought that can go into your choice of art to match your decor. It’s important to make sure that there is a visual flow to your space. Deciding to either choose a pano or portrait style print is an essential part of the process when considering your current decorating situation. Having an awareness to your current visual layout and surrounding aspects will help you in selecting new art to integrate into your home.

Creating A Uniform Look

When considering visual uniformity you will want to account for the room’s current overall feel and layout. It is important to factor in the room’s shapes including things like windows, beds, furniture, length of items, etc. If the decor features more rectangular objects than pano format pieces of art will most likely be your best bet. If most of the layout of your space is designed in a square aspect then a portrait style print would be more suiting. Keeping the flow and shape of a room is important and straying from that can create a disconnect in aesthetic appeal.

Observe is subtle seascape photograph that makes for a great vertical piece of art for a narrow location.

The Style Of The Art

Pano format and portrait style photography prints often feature distinctive aspects when presented to the viewer. Mostly a pano print will encompass a broader and sweeping landscape within the image. Where as a portrait style photograph will have a more compressed look and feel. It is important to have an idea in mind for what you want to add to your space but be informed that it can have an affect on a print’s dimension.

Reflections of Power is a portrait style image that will work well in geometrically complementary space

The Available Wall Space

Along with the decor and layout of your space, it is important to be observant of the wall dimensions available to you. Also being sure to take into consideration the decorations that already exist. Sometimes it maybe too difficult to rearrange an established decor to make room for new art pieces, so typically it is easier to add a print that already works with the space to avoid remodeling. Additionally make sure to take into account what is directly in front of the wall. It is best not to have an object that will interfere with the viewing of the piece as well as avoiding any sense of creating clutter.

Room Renderings And Consultations

Often times it can potentially difficult to have a visualization for how something might work on your walls or in your space. This is where a room rendering or virtual mock up can come in quite handy. In order to make the best decision possible before making the commitment consider seeking the aid of a designer or schedule a professional consultation to help assist you with a mock up. This can allow you to get a feel of how a piece of art will fit in your space before making the final decision. This can save you some time as well as give a peace of mind that you have made that right decision.

Virtual Mock ups help to provide for giving you a good sense of feel for how a print will look once installed

Consider All Factors

With having some tips available to you, making the hard decision on choosing between a pano format and portrait style print can make things a bit easier. It typically can be a frustrating result when you end up with the wrong print for your decor, so consider all the factors. Take your time and weigh in on all considerations so that in the end you have a piece of art that you really enjoy and brings your space to life.

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