Choosing The Right Art To Decorate Your Space

A moody abstract landscape image can really add an atmosphere to a space. Click Apex to purchase a print that will enhance your environment.

Make Artwork the Centerpiece

Art should be limitless and not impacted by boundaries. When you look at an image the resulting influence should provoke a mood. That you are having the opportunity to witness something that is special in this world. One that is filled with beauty, mystery, inspiration and emotion. Art can help to bring on a state of gratitude for being able to enjoy life and all that it brings. So why not make art the centerpiece of your living space. 

A classic subtle seascape image can complement a decor. Purchase Seaside to bring some peace to your abode.

Color Selection

Go with what makes you feel good. Often times art collectors can get stuck on how a particular piece will match their current decor. In the majority of circumstances the art that resonates with you and the pieces you choose to put in your home will outlast the decor. Walls will most likely be painted over time and furniture will eventually be replaced. So why sacrifice from choosing something that you enjoy or connect with when the things you can control can always or most likely will be changed with time. Select the image that you love, it will have a much more lasting impact on you in the long run.

Create a striking ambience to a room by including a bold statement piece. To add this striking image to your home click Mounting.


Your abode should be your sanctuary. Provide your space with some contrast to help lively up an area and keep it fresh and exciting. While selecting an image take into account the possible different locations and the various sizes of prints that will help to create a fascinating collection. A contemporary image in a traditionally styled space can provide a brilliant and impressive focal point. On the other hand a classic piece of art can add intrigue to a modern decor. Remember art has no boundaries so have fun with your space and go with the images you enjoy.

Lively up a small area by bringing in some vibrant color. Purchase this image by clicking Liquid Dreams.

Just Do It

There are times when you just fall in love with a print and just have to have it. There is a connection on a personal level that you know this is the image you want to own. Something about it invokes a special feeling that moves you. Similar to when I took the photograph there is something special within the scene that captivates you. In these moments you just buy the image regardless of where it will go or what your decor looks like, because you love it.

Make a statement by going large. You can add this seascape image by following the Shells link.

Go Big

When selecting the size of your print if you have the space than bigger is better. Going with a print that ends up being too small is a common mishap. Once the piece is hung there are not many options to rectify the situation. Two of the more common areas where people hang their new art is above a sofa. Ideally when selecting the size of your print go with something that will cover at least 3/4 of the width of the object you are hanging the art above. For example a good size for a print above a couch or a king bed with a headboard would range from 72” to 96” wide. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement, after all art should be the centerpiece for your space.

Provide some balance to a space by complementing an area with a tranquil piece of art. Add an Escape in to your home.

Go With Your Heart

Most importantly choice the image that you love. The impacts of having inspiring art will only resonate with you throughout your day to day. Life is too short, so reward yourself with the things that you enjoy.

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