A good set of results in this years Moscow International Foto Awards

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When this years results form the Moscow International Foot Awards came out I was excited to see an email notifying me I would be receiving recognition in the 2020 contest. So when I logged into the MIFA awards website it was a pleasant surprise to see four of the images that were submitted had received a total of five honorable mention awards across varying categories. It was quite an honorable feeling to have has it felt pretty good to see that much acknowledgement from one contest in a single year. There was an additional sense of gratitude has this would be the first time my landscape images would receive any awards and the photographs that did get recognized were ones I really had a vision for so it was a nice bonus for seeing some hard work pay off as well.

The two landscape images of Hourglass and Tesla where taken in Death Valley National Park and each received an honorable mention award for fine art landscape. It was exciting to see these photographs get selected as a good amount of work went into capturing these images. From the beginning research involved and to the adventure of getting too such a remote place inside the park just to be able to take the photographs themselves. On top of that there was excitement in seeing these images get recognized not just because of the amount of effort that went into taking the photographs but also for the result of being committed to following a creative vision through.

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Award Winning Fine Art Photography Print
This image is titled Hourglass can be purchased as a limited edition national park fine art print at my website Hourglass award winning fine art print

On the day the photographs Hourglass and Tesla were taken there was not a cloud in the sky and I was anticipating the possibilities of some unique light placement on certain parts of the dunes as the sun was casting light on select areas of the sand while the sun was rising between the mountains on the other side of the dunes. Watching how the light was filling in through the cracks in the mountains ridge combined with the low trajectory of the sun that was providing for some nice side and backlighting that made for interesting shadows and shapes to emerge to work with for compositions. With what you see with the two images of Hourglass and Tesla is just a combination of patience and vision coming together at the right time.

The back story to the Hourglass, “Like sands through the Hour Glass so our the days of our lives”
Funny how the theme from a soap opera, (The Days Of Our Lives) can be so relevant in meaning. When you think about how practical this is in reason it can really put things into perspective of how time does just pass by. Looking back over this image I can see the irony in time even just catching up with this scene. One split moment later, or one split moment sooner and everything changes, you either had that time or you didn’t have it and regardless that time just still flows by, like sand through and Hour Glass.

international photography awards certificate
Award Winning Fine Art Photography Print
Tesla taken in the Eureka Dunes of Death Valley National Park this image is for purchased has a limited edition fine art print at my website Tesla award winning fine art print

The backstory of Tesla; as the sun rises behind the mountains that shade a tower of sand in the shape of large dunes. Has the light starts to break through the pass it illuminates the patch of sand creating a dynamic shape. The trace of small foot steps amongst the crest of the sand makes you wonder what passed by a rabbit a coyote who’s to tell. When I first looked at this image my initial thought was that the shape might bare a resemblance to the Tesla T symbol, but now as I look at the photograph I get a dynamic sense of space and time. Mostly from the way the size of the sand structure plays into the scene mixed with the shadows of the fast forming and moving light that creates the character of the scene.

award winning ocean art photography print
Pinnacle is a personal favorite of mine and is a beautiful pano image available as a limited edition wave art print at my website Pinnacle award winning wave art print.
international photography award certificate
photography award certificate

This was an additional honor to find out that the image of Pinnacle would receive two honorable mentions in the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards. One category would be in Nature-Landscapes (one of the hardest areas of competition) and one also for the Nature-Pano category. These would be the second and third awards for the image of Pinnacle this year as it was also awarded a bronze medal award in the 2019 epson pano awards. This to me is one of my favorite images over the past few years so it is nice to see how it stands out amongst the crowd of amazing photography that is out there today.

The story of Pinnacle or the highest or most successful point, the culmination. A storm passes by as a wave breaks in rhythm with the moving clouds in the sky above. The spray off the peak of the wave creates additional interest for your mind to wander into the life of the scene. You can see the ridge and teetering edge leading up to the apex of the wave beginning to crest. Just imagine you are at sea level looking up to this formation of mountainous water being illuminated by the rising sun of a new days beginning. The clouds drifting and glowing in the sky behind full of character and shapes that creates a sense of floating through space.
I personally really love the feel of this image and how it allows my mind to drift.

award winning wave art photography print
Radiance is a fantastic pano format image that can be purchased as a limited edition ocean art at my website Radiance award winning wave art print.
international photography awards certificate

To top things off the image of Radiance would receive an honorable mention in the landscapes-pano category. This would be the first time entering this image into a contest so it was great to already get some positive feedback from high ranking industry peers. There is a certain element to this image that stands out with its details of light and textures, they all seem to give off some sort of Radiance that makes the scene stand out.

The back story to Radiance, as you can just feel it coming out of this image. The spray of the water explodes has the wave breaks during the mornings rising sun. The light illuminates the scene and creates character in the water amongst its shapes and textures. The mixture in contrast between light and dark pulls your eyes to the focal point of the photograph where water reveals all its finer details. Each shape highlighted and shadowed with varying degree of colors and light. The shades of turquoise water adds depth and interest as the sliver yellow spray sparkles and glistens with the sunlight.

These awards form the 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards were a nice way to see my work ranked amongst a very strong internationally competitive field of some of the top photographers. I feel it is important to put your work out there in stiff competition to see what unbiased highly regarded professionals in the photography and art business think of your body of imagery. The work you create and the achievements that you receive to go along with your portfolio will last a life time and go with you on your professional and personal journey.

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